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Gardening Club Planning 

At Busy Bees, we are very lucky to have a wonderful outdoor space which we use every day.  All children participate in wonderful opportunities within the outdoor environment which contribute to their learning and development.  

Children from our Butterfly Group take part in Gardening Club every Tuesday afternoon and this has been a tremendous success.  The children build on the learning they have acquired through various activities and experiences they have been part of at home, Busy Bees or other settings. Sessions last approximately 45 minutes and 8 children take part at any one time.  We try to alternate it every half term so that all children get to join in.  


As we are a child led setting, children do not have to come along if they don't want to but we rarely find this.  In fact, the opposite is true - Gardening Club seems to be something which children really look forward to.  

The sessions are led by Fay and she is assisted by Jodie.  Fay is a keen gardener with a wealth of knowledge which she loves sharing with the children. 


If you are notified that your child will be taking part in Gardening Club, they will need a warm, waterproof coat, especially in the Winter and also wellies.  During the warmer weather, they will need suncream, a sun hat, and wellies.  Although we do keep some spare clothing at Busy Bees, our supplies are limited so it is preferable for parents to ensure children come prepared.

At Busy Bees, we are fortunate to have several areas we can use for Gardening Club including the Busy Bees garden, our plot on the school allotment and our Wildflower Garden in conjunction with Ledbury in Bloom.

Our partnership with Ledbury in Bloom began in March 2012 when we were invited to take part in a project called 'It's Your Neighbourhood' which is a Royal Horticultural Society campaign.  We were the first group in Ledbury to take part in this scheme.  The site suggested to us was an overgrown plot just off Ledbury Town Trial, just a couple of minutes walk from Busy Bees.   Volunteers kindly helped us clear the area before the children were allowed to begin using the plot.  We were very lucky to receive financial support from local businesses including Bradford, Ledbury Welding, Amcor, Homebase, and Countrywide.  


Local groups including Ledbury Beavers and Cubs helped with weeding the plot.

Fay has been keeping scrapbooks as a record of the progress made at the school allotment and on our 'Budding Talent' wildflower garden.  Please ask Fay if you would like to look at this.

This term, the children at Gardening Club will be continuing with Winter jobs in the Busy Bees garden and working on the school allotment.  Fay is also planning some activities for indoors should the weather be too bad for gardening.  Some of the activities include:


  • Reviewing the scrapbooks and drawing or painting pictures to be included.  They will be offering their own thoughts and ideas on what they have done at Gardening Club and what new things they would like to do.  Children will reflect on what they have planted, how it has grown and what they would like to plant in the future

  • Sorting out our supplies of seed packets and bulbs and deciding what new things we need to buy.

  • Growing giant green beanstalks as there has been an interest in the 'Jack and the Beanstalk' story since Christmas.

  • Making a wormery as children have an ongoing interest in worms.

  • Planting a salad to go with our healthy eating theme.

  • Growing a wild bird seed plate.

  • Growing potatoes in a bucket.

An example of some previous activities the children have participated in are:


  • Planting bulbs including daffodils and snowdrops

  • Transporting strawberry plants from grow bags to the allotment

  • Digging manure into the allotment plot

  • Planting wildflower seeds

  • Weeding

  • Treasure hunts

  • Making a scarecrow

  • Using the camera to photograph growth

  • Harvesting produce and preparing it for a snack

An example of some things the children have planted include:

  • Cabbages

  • Carrots

  • Strawberries

  • Lettuce

  • Peas

  • Tomatoes

In order for your child to take part in our Gardening Club, they need to be in their last year before starting school and therefore part of our Butterfly group.  More information on our Butterfly group can be found under the 'Parent Info' tab.