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Jul 30, 2022
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Cart, but When You Get to the Finalize Payment Form, It Doesn't Work Correctly, Forcing You to Fill It in Several Times. It Is Now, at This Point Where You Question Whether You Really Want to Try Again or Leave It for Later (Or Rather, Never). Like the Previous Example, There Are Many More That Cause a Purchase Not to Be Finalized. to Do This, You Must Test the Different Options That the User Will Have in Order to Ensure That the Processes and Actions Are Clear and Optimal. This Is Where Another Function That Complements the User Experience Comes into Play: Ui or User Interface Design. What Is Ui or User Interface Design? the Ui Is Related to the Design of the Processes and Actions of a Web Page, App or Program. the Elements Used for Ui Design Are Menus, Images, Ctas or Calls to Action, Etc. the Correct Arrangement of These Elements Will Make an Intuitive and executive list Organized User Experience Possible. Although the User Experience and the Ui Are Different , They Are Closely Related and If You Create Clear Designs with Relevant Information, the User Experience Will Be Better, Helping to Convert That User into a Customer. Master in Web Analytics Learn How to Maximize Sales on Digital Channels I Want to Sign Up! Benefits of the Union Between Ux and Ui Both the User Experience (Ux) and the User Interface (Ui) Can Walk Alone, Yet Together They Offer a Set of Benefits That Increase the Chances of Converting Users into Customers: Create a High Value for the Public Since You Are Generating a Comprehensive Experience for the Users Who Visit Your Site. They Increase Conversions by Establishing a Structure and Design Designed to Guide the User in the Most Intuitive, Simple and Attractive Way Possible. It Strengthens the Brand Because You Are Always Looking for Ways to Engage and Attract Users. Keeps Users Longer on the Website as Elements Are Used Based on
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চ্যাতা কাশেম

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