Our Directors

The Directors at Busy Bees are:
Emma Davies  - Chair
Geraint Jenkins  - Treasurer
Heather Lane - Safeguarding
Claire Loveridge - Secretary

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Busy Bees is run by a parent committee led by a team of 5 Directors who are all volunteers.  The Directors are legally responsible for the management and running of Busy Bees.

The Directors are elected by a properly constituted group and have the same responsibilities as the owner of a business. It is responsible for:


  • The smooth running of the group and for the welfare, care, and education of the children who attend.

  • Deciding what to buy, paying the bills, fixing the fees and initiating fundraising.

  • Employing staff, deciding salaries and ensures PAYE and National Insurance contributions are paid.

  • Ensuring OFSTED requirements and obligations relating to the hire of premises and insurance are met.

  • Determining the admissions policy and making sure that the group operates in a non-discriminatory way.

  • The financial accounts of all the group's activities to present to the members - and where appropriate, the Charity Commission - for approval each year.

  • Taking legal responsibility for the group and all its actions (or inaction). If the group gets into legal or financial trouble, members of the committee can in many cases be held responsible.

The Directors are the employer of staff and so have overall responsibility for recruiting, training and developing staff, paying their salaries and managing their contracts. The Directors also have responsibility for things like developing a business plan, managing the daily accounts and working with staff, ensuring the setting follows health and safety, risk assessment, insurance, and first aid guidance.


Research shows clear benefits for children when parents become actively involved in their child's learning and development.

Volunteering offers an ideal opportunity to be more involved. Parents also find benefits for themselves including meeting other parents, updating skills and learning new ones, as well as putting something back into the local community.


1. Can anyone be a Director?

All parents of children at Busy Bees and other interested parties within the community can put themselves forward to be elected at a Committee meeting or AGM. At least 60% of the Directors should be family members, i.e. have a child attending Busy Bees.

2. How many times do Directors meet each year?

A minimum of three times a year. Our Directors usually meets once a term but regularly keep in contact through telephone calls and email.

3. When is a new Director elected?

Usually, new members are elected at the AGM when members stand down.  However, should a member stand down at any other time, a replacement will be

4. Who are the main officers?

Chairperson, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.

5. How many members are needed?

Our committee is made up of  5 Directors who are voted in.  The current Directors are listed at the bottom of this page.

6. Who attends meetings?

All Directors, staff
and parents.  The staff cannot vote at the meetings and cannot be present when decisions about wages are being made.

7. How long does a Director serve?

Generally, they serve for a minimum of one year 

8. Who can’t be a Director?

People under the age of eighteen or have a disorder under the Mental Health Act, those

convicted at any time of an offense involving deception or dishonesty, unless the

conviction is legally spent, those who are un-discharged bankrupts, those who have been

removed from being a trustee because of misconduct, those disqualified from being

company directors and those who have failed to make payments under county court

administration orders.

9. Can Directors be paid?

Only for the expenses of any work that they do.

10. Who does the staff appraisals?

The Manager appraises the practitioners. The chair appraises the Manager.  The Directors would also have to
over see the whole appraisal process as they are the legal employers.

11. As a Director am I able for any loss or debts?

No. Busy Bees is a company limited by guarantee.

12. Can I leave half



way through the year?

Although this is not preferable some circumstances may mean that this may occur. You should make your resignation in writing to the Chair.

It is a requirement of Ofsted that anyone who has day to day contact with the children in any capacity has a CRB “Enhanced” disclosure. You will be required to apply for a CRB check through Ofsted - all the relevant paperwork will be supplied.

13. Do Directors need to have a CRB check?