Below, we have tried to answer some of the main questions parents and carers ask us during the enquiry and booking in process.  If we have not answered a question you have, please contact us....we'd be happy to help.

My child is still in nappies.  Can they still come to Busy Bees?

Yes!  We understand that children are different stages of their development when they start with us.  We are happy to change nappies but you will need to send your child in with nappies and wipes every time they are in as we don't supply these.

Can my child just attend one session a week?

Yes.  We understand that if children are not funded, parents can be limited financially as to how many sessions they can afford per week.  

What do I need to send my child in with for a session at Busy Bees?

Children need to come in fully prepared for a session.  All children need to have wellies for every session as we go outside in all weathers.  They will also need nappies, wipes, a change of clothes (named) and a packed lunch.  Children also must be adequately prepared for the weather.  In the Summer, children must have sun cream applied before coming to Busy Bees - if they are staying all day, they will also need to come in with a named bottle of sun cream for us to apply before outside play in the afternoon.  a sun hat is also a necessity.  In the colder weather, children must come in with a warm, waterproof coat and a hat.

My child has had Calpol when they woke up.  Can they still come?

Unfortunately, not.  If children have needed Calpol or any other painkiller for children, they are deemed to be unwell and should stay at home.  Painkillers can mask other symptoms and we usually find that children go downhill once the medication has worn off.

My child has dietary needs.  Can they still come?

Yes.  We have catered for many children with lots of different dietary needs.  What we ask is that you communicate your child's needs with us so we are able to ensure they are safe and well looked after.

I need to start work early sometimes so would need to drop off before 9am.  Is this a problem?

We run a Breakfast Club for children aged 3 and over.  Should you need childcare before 9am, please speak to us and we can book them in at our Breakfast Club which starts at 7:30am.  Due to ratio requirements, we are unable to take children under 3 for Breakfast and After School Club.

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