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What is the Butterfly group?

Our Butterfly group is for children who are in their Pre-School year. Each year, the group grows bigger and bigger with many parents deciding that their child will be fully supported and ready for school following their time with us.


Although the 3 and 4 year olds gain a lot from spending time interacting with the younger children, there comes a time when they need more adult led activities.  These activities build on key skills already gained but also introduce children to new ideas and concepts.


What do we do?

Every Monday afternoon, our Butterfly group take part in PE sessions which are planned and led by Jodie.  Usually, children are required to bring in a PE kit consisting of a T-Shirt, jogging bottoms or leggings, non lace up trainers or pumps and a drink in a sports bottle. These sessions are very much looked forward to by the Butterfly group!  Children get themselves changed ready for the session, an important skill with regards to school readiness. The aim of our PE sessions is to build on skills they have already acquired in the Caterpillar group - there's lots of running, jumping, climbing, balancing and throwing.  It's an important session for developing listening skills too!  A benefit of being right next to the park is that we use the area as a treat.

Jodie also leads a Butterfly group circle time each day where the children learn letters and sounds, with a focus of the sound of the week. She will create lots of fun and engaging activities to play to support the children to learn and critically think using their own ideas to embed their understanding.


The children in the Butterfly group take part in Forest Adventure once a week. The aim of the sessions is to encourage curiosity about the natural environment.  There are opportunities for lots of natural play using natural resources.  We bug hunt, explore materials such as clay, dig, plant, grow, bird watch and enjoy scavenger hunts.  Forest Adventure sessions run in all weathers - the rain makes for exciting learning opportunities as we learn to build shelters!


The children also have their own separate story time at the end of the session which is geared to their level of understanding and thinking.  Children are encouraged to join in with the rhymes and refrains in the story as well as thinking about the characters, how the story might end and what might happen next.  Story time is also an opportunity to reflect on the session and for the children to think about what they particularly enjoyed.


Our sessions at Busy Bees fill up very quickly - the Butterfly group in particular is very popular.  We are now taking bookings for September 2024.

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