Snacks & Lunches


At Busy Bees, we offer two healthy snacks during a Preschool day, one in the morning and another in the afternoon.  The menus are planned half a term in advance and can be found on this page and on the notice board.  If your child has any allergies, it is important that you let us know.

Snack is served café style - the food is prepared and the table is set up during circle time ready for the children to join when they wish during a half an hour window.  Independence is encouraged so children are able to select their own plate, choose their snack and pour their drink (with support).  Afterwards, they put their waste in the bin and put their plate and cup in the bowl ready for washing up.

We value independence and choice and therefore encourage children to help prepare their snack.  They are often involved in making porridge, fruit kebabs, chopping fruit and buttering bread for snack.  Parents tell us that this means their child likes to be more involved at home too.


We have one lunch sitting at Busy Bees.  All morning children sit down to eat at 11:30am then pack away at 11:55am ready to go home or to continue their Preschool day.  Children coming in at 12pm have lunch at home before the session.

We see lunches as a social occasion so staff sit and eat with the children, modelling good manners and conversation skills.  We have a packed lunch policy in place to encourage healthy lunches.  

Our lunch times are always well staffed so although we encourage children to 'have a go' at opening their lunchboxes and wrappers, staff are always on hand to help if needed.  

We recommend that all children have an ice pack in their lunch box to keep their food fresh.  All lunchboxes and drinks bottles must be named.